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Fetchez le vache!

About March 12, 2008

Well……whats to say really,i was born,then i pretty much drifted around..now im here..wow.NEATO!

i ♥ my friends.
i ♥ my music.
i ♥ my Philip!


(in no particular order)Take That, Billy idol, AFI, Whitesnake, metallica  , Hole, the distillers, savage garden, franz ferdinand, good charlotte, ozzy osbourne, DIO, The darkness, KISS, REO speedwagon, the backstreet boys, blink 182, queen, the eagles, greenday, Him, aerosmith  , motley crue, bon jovi, pearl jam, PANIC! At the disco, alice in chains, guns n roses, dire straits, foo fighters, red hot chilli pepers, kanye west, the cure, my chemical romance, the beatles, korn, Gilbert O’sullivan, johnny cash, incubus, michael jackson, prince, tom jones, tina turner, cher, lynryd skynryd, nirvana, the offspring, blur, the ramones, radiohead, system of a down, supertramp, thin lizzy, tears for fears, abba, duran duran, justice, metric, ladytron  , stone temple pilots, the flaming lips, the misfits, u2, ac/dc, van halen, weird al yankovich, iron maiden, Pink Floyd..stop me if this is getting boring. anyway the list goes on n on…..oooh n led zeppelin….n some dance music ya know?? deadly buzzzzzz….I ♥ ♫
Fear and loathing in las vegas, goodfellas, waynes world 1+2, queen of the damned, breakfast on pluto, almost famous, interview with a vampire, donnie darko, anchorman, biodome, stand by me, Monty python movies, bridget jones 1+2, evil dead 3, clueless, moulin rouge, wedding crashers, the breakfast club, any johnny depp film, any tim burton film, high fidelilty, Saved!, st.elmos fire, sixteen candles, BaseKetball, empire records, dazed and confused, pretty in pink, ten things i hate about you, muppets movies, disney movies, the rocky horror picture show…the list keeps on going!
[Scared Of]
eh….not much but everytime i have a bad scary nightmare theres always zombies…so i guess thats gotta mean something….

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