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Ranty rant rant… March 12, 2008

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Well…Blog..if that is your real name….(doubt it) …

I went to college..twas interesting as usual..Then on the way home i went “Shopping”…Note the quotation marks..This was because i have no real money to buy pretty things. But i can look can’t i….Well???

I was in H&M for god only knows how long….(at least a half hour) Trying on this and that…Mostly this..66726_1.jpg But imagine these being Neon Green!!! They were amazing…Mad tight but great!

So nu-rave..Lol. But looky what i found online…(typed in Neon Green)

sabre-vision-the-closet.jpg Are they not amazing???? I found a fun website with nice clothes thanks to google now… Very colourful 😀

So Here i sit(my room,at my desk) Eating crispy M&Ms…tasty stuff. I’m half watching Harry Potter 5..The tvs beside me but i’m concentrating more on what i’m writing. It’s such a horribley dull afternoon.. But on the upside gonna have chinese food for dinner…it’s been at least a week…Thats not fun….waiting that long to have very tasty food.

(Who reads this anyway?)


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